Musician, yoga teacher

I was born in Germany through the US Army military as my parents were drafted there in 1969. Who knows why but I was born with a birth defect to my mouth. Fortunately, surgeries helped correct it some. I'm not really self conscious of it anymore. 

My mom didn't stay with my original birth father as the military put some kind of weird voodoo on him and they split up. It wasn't very long and my mom met a yoga teacher, Thomas Beall, who would be an enormous influence in my life.  I never treated him very good. But he was always good to me.  Then in the 80's sometime my mom met singer/guitarist Ron Doering who swept her off to Mexico. They spent a good 16 years together and I learned that I wanted to play guitar from him. I spent many years playing music with my mom and Ron in cool cafe's and rustic restaurants on the beachside coast of Jalisco. He actually hired me to sing on his last recording, he called it SaphRon.  

 When I turned 30, I decided to move to Austin, Texas and become a full time yoga teacher and play music at night.  So, that's just what I did.    The album Serenade came from my love and infatuation with Yoga and teaching Yoga.  Now that I'm almost 52, I realize I am just beginning.