I was brought up in a crazy household.  My mom took me and my sister to a place called Yelapa, Mexico when I was a foolish teenager.  She wanted to live cheap.  A place where we could live for $100.00 a year in a thatched hut.  So she could pursue music.  I hated it, although she'll tell you I loved it. I'm exaggerating, I did LOVE it, but not the days when scorpions would crawl over my feet.  It does sound like a dream life.  Ocean waves, horseback riding, ceviche tacos, papaya trees and jungle life with only flashlights to find your way to the bathroom.  We'd spend the summers like that and travel back and forth to Tucson, Arizona.  I finished high school in Tucson.  
When I was about 26 my friend Amy introduced me to the Mendoza brothers.  We started a band called Milkseed.  For several years we played music, wrote music, recorded music.  We saw each other's best side and dark sides.  Those were some of the best days of my life.  The band broke up in 1997.  We actually reunited a couple years ago in Phoenix, Arizona and played a reunion gig.  The love is still there!! 
At 30 years old I decided to move to Austin, Texas and become a full time yoga teacher and play music at night.  So, that's just what I did.  I continued to write and record music.  The album Serenade came from my love and infatuation with Yoga and teaching Yoga.